Be One With Nature!

Be one with nature

With new technology and medicines, it becomes easy to diagnose disease and interpret reports but the thing that is left behind is finding ways to prevent and heal them. Its like we follow the system of disease management rather than disease resolution. It is important that we fill this gap. We need a system that would take care of our health at the root level.

We will definitely flourish if we live in the parameters defined by nature like if we eat, sleep, think and move according to nature, we would get closer to good health. Nature has every answer and cure to the diseases be it obesity, arthritis, diabetes or any other type of it. By linking our body with nature, the body uses its natural intelligence called immunity.

The Way We Sleep

Our bodies have a natural biological clock and a particular circadian rhythm. This biological clock helps us to be awake in the morning and sleep at night. And any change in this biological clock can lead to suffering.

The Way We Eat

Just try to intake the food that nature wants you to have. Anything raw, unprocessed, unrefined and wholesome is good for health. Fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, whole grains and seeds are good for health. Using organic farming practices like homemade compost, vermis-compost or earthworms would make a huge difference when it comes to aligning with nature. Eat when you’re hungry and fast when you are not. Overeating, force-feeding, being hungry for a long time and eating with guilt goes against nature’s will, causing sufferings.

The Way We Move

It is said that “Every 10 minutes spent with nature heals your body.” We, humans, are designed to walk. We should move when our body allows and rest when your body doesn’t. Exercises like jogging, walking, jumping, climbing, dancing and hiking allows natural movement. Any deviation from this can be harmful.

The Way We Live

Spending time outside, engaging in activities that keep you grounded and connected with nature like gardening, deep breathing, feeding animals and birds, fasting, praying often or using natural products would definitely make you feel better.

The Way We Think

Acceptance, Letting go, obedience, patience, moving on and innocence are some of the powerful things that nature teaches us. Never bogged down with many things or hurry to accomplish anything. There are many things out there that nature has wrapped in itself. Just be open to the power of nature and see its magic.

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1 Comment

  1. oprolevorter

    September 23, 2019 at 8:35 pm

    Excellent site. Lots of useful information here. I am sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks in your sweat!

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