Eat Healthy While Working From Home!

In times of ‘Corona’, where everyone is forced to stay at home, don’t overlook your health. Although most of us are working from home and eating home-made food, it is the best time to get in shape and rejuvenate ourselves. 

Ironically, working from home, for some, means eating whenever you wish to be it in the middle of a conference or while working on a laptop. Some tend to eat junk food because it is soul food. Well, don’t forget, it is still junk. Thus, we have listed down a few of the tips that would make sure; you stay in shape while at home. Have a look:

Real Food

The benefit of this lockdown is that you get to consume food that is exclusively cooked at home. Thus, make sure your diet is balanced. It means you should eat well-proportion of carbohydrates, milk products, lots of veggies and adequate proteins. Proper nutrition makes sure that you’re full of energy. Also, you can do some pre-cooking to save some time. 

Meal Timings

Well, just because you’re are working from home doesn’t mean you get the chance to eat whatever you want. Try and fix your meal timings and take a snack break between your significant meals for 10-15 minutes, it refreshes you—further, snack on nuts, fruits or on baked items. Also, don’t munch every time you get the chance.

Easy with Caffeine

Excess consumption of caffeine is not suitable for your health. An adequate amount of 2-3 cups a day is sufficient. Undoubtedly, we’re lucky to get a chance to spend this time with family. Thus, it doesn’t mean that whenever you’re free, you join somebody with a cup. 

Consume lots of Water

Make sure to keep a water bottle at your work desk. It would ensure that you don’t forget to hydrate yourself. Dehydration leads to headache and fatigue. Also, drink more in between meals and less while eating.

Exercise Regularly

The time that you save from travelling uses it to exercise indoors. There are a lot of fitness videos on the internet that would help you tone your body. Involve your family to apply with you and try different things daily.

Those of us are employed working. Utilise this pandemic time to improve your body, mind and soul. There may not be any other opportunity. Stay Indoor and Stay Healthy!

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