Germiest Things In Your Kitchen!

Germiest Things In Your Kitchen

Certainly, the kitchen is home to various microorganisms like bacteria and germs. Your kitchen is the place where most people go in and out constantly that opens the door for all sorts of contamination. But most of the microorganisms don’t hurt you. Some like listeria, salmonella and many such species can cause illness, especially in young kids, older people and people with the weak immune system. 

These dangerous pathogens can hide in various places in the kitchen but there are some specific places where you can find them. Here are some of them that we have listed for you, have a look:

Kitchen Sponge

The sponge is the biggest reservoir of disease-causing bacteria. Just because it comes in contact with skin all the times it can cause some serious issues. There are various ways through which you can make sure that sponge germs don’t be a problem. Some experts believe that the sponge should completely be kept out of the kitchen and disposable paper should be used for cleaning of dishes. Alternatively, you can put them in the dishwasher with your dishes or moist into the microwave for a minute. 

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards in the kitchen make contact with a lot of raw food items like meat, chicken or vegetables that you chop for salads. Germs accumulate there and pass onto other foods and person- when there are deep cracks and grooves that are difficult to clean. In this case, try to purchase cutting boards that you can easily clean and wash them overtime after use. 

Handle, Knobs and Faucets

When you have raw things in your hands like meat, chicken or raw produce, then there are chances that it will contaminate anything you touch. Like opening the water tap, the oven door or the refrigerator, bacteria might have been passed. In this case, you should wipe down those handles or faucets overtime your clean kitchen. 

Digital Devices

Over time you think of making something new, smartphone and tablet is something you use for watching recipes. Just because we keep on touching them all the time, they consist of lots of germs. Research says that cell phones have 10 times more germs than a toilet seat. And you can’t use chemicals that are used as regular kitchen cleaners to clean those devices. So, look for something that is completely made for cleaning digital devices.

Dish Towels

Kitchen towels are believed to have more bacteria and pathogens if used continuously. Non-vegetarian and families with children are more likely to have bacteria-laden towels in the kitchen with the potential to cause good poisoning. One should only use kitchen towels to dry-clean things like hands or dishes. And for wiping the counter or cleaning food-related items on the platform one should always either toss the cloth in the laundry after cleaning or should use disposable paper towels. Washing and drying the cloth in the sink doesn’t clean it.  

Sink And Countertops

Fact is your sink is dirtier than your bathrooms.  Culprits here includes the juices, raw products like meat, veggies or poultry being washed in the sink and the dirt from the dishes. One should always keep disinfectant solution and to be used regularly for cleaning of the sink. Or use bleach to clean the sink and countertops.

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