Myths About Yoga That Are Just Silly!

Silly Myths About Yoga

Yoga is not just the exercise regime but is a way of living. The healing and rejuvenating effect it gives, makes you feel positive about yourself. It is an age-old practice which has been considered as most raging fitness trend of the century.

Apart from world embracing its benefits, there exist few myths that cloud the concept of yoga. Lack of proper knowledge leads to people developing wrong notions about it because of which many stay away from yoga.

It is a holistic experience that one will understand only if he starts practising it. There are numerous ways it can contribute to your body’s well being- from dealing with stress to tackling with weight gain. But of the time being let’s clear some yoga myths that people might have:

Yoga Is For Flexibility, Not Weight Loss

It is true that yoga is a slow and peaceful practice that helps you in getting your mind, soul and body into harmony. It works on multiple areas including spiritual, mental and physical. Yoga basically involves in twisting your body, bending it in forward & backward direction and other poses that open your muscles, which leads to weight loss eventually. There are various types of yoga that help in reducing weight quickly like Hatha, Ashtanga, power or hot yoga. These will definitely help you feel the difference!

Yoga Is An Early Morning Thing

If the thought that yoga is an early morning thing and you are lazy enough to get up early and do this. Then let me tell you, wherever you are now, just pull out a mat and break into yoga posture right now. It is all about discipline. It has to do with the way you discipline and sync with your mind and soul. It is not about limiting yourself to a routine. Even though mornings are considered best for undertaking any kind of physical activity but it is not a compulsion.

Just Because I Can’t Touch My Toe, Yoga Is Not For Me

Well, my dear, yoga is all about strength, flexibility and balance. You need to push yourself to further increase your flexibility. It helps you to maintain the balance and posture with your strength. The more you practice it, the more flexible you be. And yoga is customised as per a person’s need.

Yoga Won’t Benefit From Shorter Session

WHO recommends a 150-minute workout for adults aged between 18-64 years. If you don’t have an hour or so to devote at a stretch for exercise than plan out a 30-minute moderate exercise 5 times a week. Every session alters your body in a good way. It is said that even doing 10 times Surya Namaskar in morning will show great results. Idea is to get better with each passing day.

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